QStable is the new era system of multi-platform, decentralized, stable assets combining the best of collateral and algorithmic stablecoins.

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April 2019
May 2019
June 2019
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A brand new generation of stablecoins.
A brand new generation of stablecoins.
The same level of stability as classic collateralized stablecoins
The freedom and innovation of algorithmic coins
Fully community-driven to grant the ideal development process
Key Advantages
Legal Transparency
Authorities and regulators can't put pressure on developers and stablecoin owners because of the complex classification of assets.
Absolute Security
Being partly collateral and partly algorithmic stablecoins (unlike USDT or PAX), the chance of assets being locked or frozen by developers is eliminated, due to the system's complexity.
Low Volatility
The combination of collateral mechanisms, sophisticated algorithms, protocols and technologies allows for minimal asset volatility.
Unlimited trading on the secondary market
Trading in a low-volatility cryptocurrency such as QStablecoins may help traders work more efficiently and stay safe, no matter what happens in the secondary market.
Decentralized and governed by the community
The QAO DeFi community provides full democracy with NO centralized control. You can change anything if the community supports your initiative. You have the right to vote. Everything and anything is decided solely by the community through autonomous decentralized decision making.
Always self-stabilizing
The new generation of decentralized stablecoin can’t fall or take off with big fluctuations, due to the complex algorithms and collateral behind it. Self-stabilizing algorithms and the market itself will always keep the price stable.
Under the Q DAO Umbrella
QStable is part of Q DAO - an ecosphere of decentralized finance products designed to replace traditional banks in an innovative way.
Q DAO consists of different services and products:
Custodian QFinance

Custodian QFinance - a platform that gives unlimited access to private banking solutions like payment cards or fast loans to those who seek more efficient and profitable financial tools
QDAO Native Coin

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24H Low: $5.31
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QDAO Native Coin - the life-blood of Q DAO. It serves as a connecting link that benefits all parts. The QDAO coin is used for governance purposes and entitles holders to a list of benefits: discounts, increased rates and much more.
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